English Camps Online Booklet

Contact information

Medical contact
Ahwoon Chan
Finnish, English, Cantonese, Mandarin
+358 44273 8982
Iselin Shum
Swedish, English, Norwegian, Cantonese
+46 70 796 29 98
Camp Coordinators
Junior Camp
Vivian Jou, +358 44911 1930
Sonia Lee, +46 70 428 98 43
Youth/Adult Camp
Madeleine Chen, +46 70 640 86 88
Charles Lai, +47 408 95 94
Camp Head

Christine Ye, +47 466 92 988


Junior Camp: Classroom 1

Kristy Li
Helena Tong
Christer Liu
Benjamin Hu
Linxi Tian
Samuel Lin
Dylan Yoo
Karis Chan
Jin Zitong

JoEllen Poon
Kaiho Chu
Torstein Berg
Joshua Lin
Evan Yoo
Zackus Chan
Alice Yeung
Elize Huang
Joy Lyu

Ngalun Lai
Ning Lee
Eva Liu
Ester Wu
Bjørn Yinghao Ystanes
William Chen
Chunyang Noah Cao
Liu Ya Xian
Xiao Tao He

Chris Li
Vivian Jou
Hedda Cui
Noah Lo
David Yang
Eric Yao
Panienne Lindman
Caroline Xu
Otto Irgens Hynnekleiv

Youth Camp: Gym Hall

Samuel Chan
Samantha Wong
Agnes Ng
Niklas Shum
Murong Li
Alicia Grace Ekberg
Yuhan Guo
Tuomas Maijala
Marco Cheng

Jenson Li
Gaspard Chan
Lukas Chen
Samuel Leung
Viktoria Nhan
Isaac Lo
YiWen Chao
Alexander Zihan Xu
Ellen Chen

Jacky Guan
Aiden Yoo
Daniel Wu
Michael Leung
Daniel Chen
Theodor Huang
Ryan Wang

Adult Camp: Gym Hall

Muzhen Li
Ben Poon
Charlotte Ho
Phoebe Leung
Rui Wang
Jonathan Ho
Wai Fung Lip
YuQing Lin
Tomas Luo

Kelly Lip
Ho Lik Tung
Sebastian Cheng
Iris Chen
Bosco Leung
William Ye
Xinyi Pan
Mikke Guan
Marco Ip
Xiaoxue Sun

Vilhelm Ho
Yili David Chan
Wei Hao Man
Victoria Quach
Sai Tan
Yun Fah Chow
Jane Zeng
Eugene Chan
Leo Li

Marcus Yang
Dag Berg
Ahwoon Chan
Gabriel Ling
Tan Wan Lin
Iselin Shum
Maggie Tsang Chen
Eric Chen
Echo Wei
Mattias Lindman

Nina Wu
Enoch Chui
Johan Ho
Tobias Anderberg
Eva Wang
Kjell Arne Bjørlien
Ismo Heiskanen
Junjun Chen
Monica Yip Chui
Tiia Anita Salo

Sarah Leung
Gregory TK Wong
Julian Wong
Perry Olofsson
Thomas Olsson
Leon Ho
Tina Sun Ho
Johan Lidholm
Tore Engebakken Do
Paula Yoo



  • Never Have I Ever, Gym hall
  • Let’s Train Together, Outside
  • Topic: Emotionally Healthy Leadership, Classroom 6
  • Bead Bracelets, Textile room
  • I know that song! Gym Hall
  • Football Game (13:30-15:00), Football Field
  • Topic: Joyful Journey Listening to Emmanuel, Classroom 6
  • Board Games, Cafe


  1. Always listen to and cooperate with your group leaders.
  2. Be on time for all meetings and respect the bed time.
  3. You are not allowed to change rooms without permission from the camp heads.
  4. You are not allowed to be in the rooms of people of the opposite gender
  5. Don’t leave the camp site without permission from the camp head.
  6. Smoking, gambling, alcohol or drugs are strictly forbidden.
  7. Keep the campsite clean.
  8. Don’t swim alone.
  9. If any camp property is damaged, please contact a leader.
  10. Take care of your own stuff. We are not responsible for anything lost or stolen.

Dishwashing & Cleaning

What to do when cleaning?
  • Clean up all trash
  • Change the trash bags and throw them in the containers (behind the dining hall)
  • Toilet: Clean hand basins, toilet seats/bowls and floors (mop if needed)
  • Toilet: Refill toilet papers and paper towels, empty trash bags
What to do when dishwashing?
  • Go eat breakfast half an hour earlier
  • Rinse the dirty dishes on the rack and place the whole rack into the washing machine
  • Take out the clean dishes from the washing machine
  • Collect dirty dishes form the dining area (makre sure ppl are done with eating first!)
  • Wipe the tables with a cloth


NCCC Next Gen and local groups
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Evaluation form

We want to improve our camp(s), so would love to hear what did you think of this year’s camp! Please fill-in the ofrm at the end of the camp. https://bit.ly/sc24eval

Commitment form

Ready to make a personal commitment as a follower of Christ or interested in serving? Then let us know and we will get back to you! https://bit.ly/sc24commitment

Support NCCC ministries financially

All financial support is used for NCCC ministries, such as this summer camp. If you’d like to support NCCC financially, you can do so through following mobile transfer options.

123 573 6947

For Sunday!


  • Pack and clean your rooms and common areas; showers, hallways, bathrooms
  • Take out EXTRA mattresses, folding beds, blankets and pillows and put them in the hallway
  • Throw away trash bags into the container behind the dining hall


If you are leaving by bus or train, please leave your luggage by the school building before breakfast at 8:30

  • Oslo bus: 13:00
  • Bus to train station: 11:45


Grab after Sunday Service on the way out!