Summer Camp 2022 Logo: Kingdom Heart

Sunday Information


Before breakfast, pack all your luggage and clean the following areas:

  • Your rooms
  • Common areas (i.e. kitchen, toilet, hallway, shower)
  • Take out EXTRA mattresses and blankets and pillows to the hallway
  • Leave luggage outside school building



Transport to the train station in front of School building:

  • 11:45
  • 12:45

Lunch will be provided on the bus or at the train station.


Take lunch for your car from the side entrance of the Dining Hall.





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The names of the camp participants have been removed for GDPR reasons.

Junior Camp

Morning topic room: Classroom 1

Princess Merida group logo

Princess Merida

King Aslan group logo

King Aslan

Youth Camp

Morning topic room: Gym hall

King Simba group logo

King Simba

Princess Fiona group logo

Princess Fiona

Prince Caspian group logo

Prince Caspian

Adult Camp

Morning topic room: Gym hall

Princess Peach group logo

Princess Peach

Kong of Hearts group logo

King of Hearts

Prince Charming group logo

Prince Charming


Kiosk (Outside Dining Hall)

Tue-Fri: 13:00-14:00 and 17:45-18:45
Saturday: 13:00-14:00

Baptism Class

There are no English baptism class at Summer Camp. If you are interested in getting baptized, please contact Ah Woon Chan.

Get to know your local group!

City / Country

Local Group Devotion

Local Group Meeting

Göteborg, Halmstad, Gnosjö, Värnamo

Classroom 3

Classroom 1

Malmö, Helsingborg & Kristianstad

Stockholm, Eskilstuna and Uppsala

Classroom 2


Classroom 1

Gym Hall


Arken 1


Wednesday Afternoon 14:00-15:15

Wednesday Evening 19:00-20:30

Thursday Afternoon 14:00-16:00

Friday Afternoon 14:00-15:30

Dishwashing & Cleaning

Fri Sat Sun
Dishwashing (Breakfast) 8:30-10:15 (eat breakfast 8:00!!) Prince Charming Prince Caspian (eat 8:15, less cleaning) Princess Peach
Dining Hall – 1st (hallways), 2nd & 3rd floors and toilets on all floors (only 1st floor toilets) King Simba Princess Fiona
Craft rooms + Gym Hall – Big & small craft rooms and toilets. – Gym hall toilets Princess Merida
Arken + Textile room – Arken, Textile room, corridor, stairs and toilets King Aslan [B]
Hemskolan + Rediviva Basement – Hemskolan group room, baking room, corridor and toilets – Rediviva basement, corridor, toilet King of Hearts


Medical Team

Note: ALWAYS call Nurse first. Doctor will be contacted if needed.


Want to support NCCC ministries financially?

All financial support is used for NCCC ministries, such as this summer camp. If you’d like to give an offering or financial gift to NCCC, you can do so through the following mobile transfer options:
  • (Norway) Vipps: +47 950 23 280
  • (Sweden) Swish: 123 454 52 73
  • (Finland) MobilePay: +358 442738982

Links and Local Groups

NCCC Nextgen


Stockholm: FourTwelve

Göteborg, Elpida Youth

Malmö, Agape Youth

Norway & Finland

Helsinki: Joy NextGen