Indonesia Mission Trip 2024

Mission Trip date:
July 25th - Aug 10th 2024

Mission trips transform the people who go as much as they help people we serve.

Seeing God’s work will expand your understanding of who he is, how much he loves you and the power of the gospel

Experience God and the joy of serving others

  • Share the gospel to the local community
  • Use your gifts in children ministry.
  • Visit schools, teach english/chinese.
  • Use football to reach the community, offer football training and play matches.
  • Offer medical care.


  • Will attend training/preparation sessions before the mission trip.
  • Willing to share your testimony.
  • Willing to follow the leadership and comply to the rules for the trip.
  • Be able and responsible to share about the ministry in Indonesia for their church.
  • Prepare and lead a devotion for the team during the trip in Indonesia.
  • You must get approval from your local pastor or church leader.
  • Participation in the mission trip requires a commitment to engaging in fundraising activities.

Travel requirements

  • Must speak English fluently (We communicate in English with our partners in Indonesia. Translators to Indonesian will be provided as needed)
  • Necessary vaccinations recommended for travel to Indonesia, check your government’s travel recommendations.


  • Estimated travel expenses: 15000 NOK (flight ticket) + 4000 NOK (other transportation, food, accommodation)
  • It is possible to get some financial support from the NCCC Network, contact your local pastor for details.
  • There will be a fundraising initiative to support the mission trip.

Registration will open: March 3rd 2024

The registration deadline is April 28th 2024.
Please contact your local pastor/leader if interested!

Team Schedule

Month Day Event
March 3 Registration opens
April 28 Registration deadline
May 5 Team meeting
12 Team meeting
Fundraising starts
June 9 Team meeting
30 Team meeting
July 10 Team meeting
Note: Will be held at Summer Camp
21 Team meeting
25 Mission Trip start
All team members to be in Jakarta by Friday 26th.
August 10 Mission Trip end
Leave Jakarta Saturday 10th