Indonesia STM 2022


About the trip

NCCC will organize a trip to Pontianak, Indonesia in October 2022. In the past 4-5 years we have partnered with churches and organizations in Indonesia to support their ministries, which include education, community outreach, and more.


15-22 October


  • Land in Jakarta, Indonesia by Saturday 15/10.
  • Return flight from Jakarta Saturday 22/10.


  • Pontianak
  • Each person is responsible to book their own return flight to Jakarta. We will book flights and fly together from Jakarta to Pontianak.


  1. Flights from your country to Jakarta = ca 8000-9000 NOK 
  2. Participants cost = ca 4000 NOK
    • This covers local flights, transportation, accommodation, and food
    • This is an estimated cost, but can be more or less as we know how many will participate, fluctuations in currency, etc.

Financial support

  • There’s some monetary support possible from NCCC Network, contact your local pastor for details.

What will we do as a team while in Indonesia?

The program is still under works, but all participants are expected to help out with some of the following activities:

Share testimony, lead devotions, hold presentations of our own country to school classes, present our occupation, lead activities for children and youth, arrange and play sports (e.g. football), lead worship, observe and present the mission field in your own church, preaching, teach English and Chinese, teach different school subject or handicrafts

Requirements from participants


  • Recommended by local pastor
  • Must be a follower of Christ
  • Will start to have regular devotions with the rest of the team as soon as the team is formed
  • Must be willing to pray for the trip daily
  • Willing to be flexible, go outside our comfort zone, and be lead by the Holy Spirit


  • Will attend 3 training/preparation sessions (online)
  • Will write a short motivational letter for why they want to be a part of this trip (ca 0.5-1 A4 page)
  • Will write down their testimony, and be ready to share it (in English/Mandarin)
  • Willing to follow the leadership and comply to the rules for the trip
  • Be able and responsible to share about the ministry in Indonesia for their church.
  • Prepare and lead a devotion for the team during the trip in Indonesia

Travel requirements 

Deadline for signing up

  • 15th June


  • English (We communicate in English with our partners in Indonesia. Translators to Indonesian will be provided as needed)